fredag, juli 03, 2009

Today was my final day on my own. The rest of the family left for the in-law's cabin on Monday and I hadn't seen them for almost a week.

I had fully intended to start sewing in the morning but it was still too hot and the thought of sitting down at the machine with a hot iron right next to me wasn't tempting.


But after they had arrived home, eaten lunch and Sofia had napped they headed for the public pool and I could get a few moments to myself again and since Sofia had been presented with a cami and panties right before they left I wanted to make Isabel something too.

I had decided on using some of my Freshcut-fabric from Heather Bailey. And I had decided on making a circle skirt.

Freshcut skirt

I measured Isabel's waist (or the place on her body that has to double as waist since she wants to have all her pants and skirts fall on her hips) and the approximate length of the skirt.

I couldn't make the skirt longer than 12" because of the width of the fabric so I had to add a hem band and I think the dress looks a lot more finished than if I had gone without it. I considered doing the hem band ruffled but decided against it mostly cause I hate to gather fabric.

A circle skirt is the epitome of twirlyness and when you're almost 5 years old that is important.

Twirly Freshcut skirt

It also makes your hips dance ...

Twirly Freshcut skirt

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